The She Book

She Book Cover copy

My first solo poetry book is dedicated to a friend of mine who passed away several years ago. Her name was Brenda McMillan and she had been working on a poetry manuscript entitled She, hence the reason for choosing the title I did.

The She Book is a celebration of women — our strength, even in the face of seemingly debilitating vulnerabilities and demoralizing experiences, especially in surviving relationships where we may have been subjected to emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical oppression and violence. Some poems also address racial injustices, such as the murder of Fong Lee, the South Philly High assaults, and immigration laws.

In writing The She Book, I hoped to balance the personal and political; explore poetic expression in multiple forms; and attempt to find a way to have my work actively contribute to community building and social justice. Towards that end, all profits from the book are donated to Odanadi — an organization in Mysore, India that seeks to restore hope and dignity to survivors of sex-trafficking and other forms of modern-day slavery. – Michelle Myers